Pioneering Achievement Award (archived)

Pioneering Achievement Award

2009 Pioneering Achievement Award
  Martin Davis
"For his fundamental contributions to algorithms for solving the Boolean Satisfiability problem, which heavily influenced modern tools for hardware and software verifciation, as well as logic circuit synthesis."
2008 Pioneering Achievement Award
  Edward J. McCluskey
"For his outstanding contributions to the areas of CAD, test and reliable computing during the past half of century."
2007 Pioneering Achievement Award
  Gene Amdahl
"For his outstanding contributions to the computing industry on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Amdahl's Law."
On the occasion of receiving this award, Dr. Gene Amdahl was the invited speaker to the Annual SIGDA Dinner at ICCAD and Member Meeting. You can watch the SIGDA overview, Dr. Amdahl's lecture , and the subsequent "Can We Still Keep the Faith?" panel on the future of multi-core systems. The event was covered by SCDsource and is currently part of the ACM Digital Library in full streaming format .