SIGDA/CCC Workshop Series

A series of three workshops are being organized by a number of current and past SIGDA board members, to study the growth prospects and challenges of EDA.  The first workshop will be held in Pittsburgh; two more workshops will be co-located at DAC and ICCAD.  If you are interested in participating in these workshops, contact Prof. Alex K. Jones or Prof. Srinivas Katkoori.  The initial proposal for the visioning workshop series is available.

Workshop 1: Pittsburgh

Workshop 1 was held March 7-8, 2013, with keynote talks from Bob Colwell (DARPA) and Patrick Groeneveld (Synopsys).  The workshop focus was on EDA for new markets, and workforce continuity.  A summary of the workshop was presented and published at MSE 2013.  The published paper and slides are available.

Workshop 2: Austin

Workshop 2 was co-located at DAC, June 2-3, 2013, with keynote talks from Noel Menezes (Intel) and Jacob White (MIT).  The focus of this workshop was on challenges for designs with billions of transistors, and emphasized "industry" needs for design automation.

Workshop 3: Tampa

The final workshop will be held in Tampa, Florida, February 21-22.  During the workshop, we will develop a unified vision for moving design automation forward into new areas.   Workshop participant overview, with questions to consider.